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On this page you can view or download the latest datasheets, brochures and certificate copies containing our measurement products.


Temperature sensors:
Click your sensor's type name on left column to view/download the individual datasheets 1...23 in pdf format.

Compression fittings (Temperature sensor accessories):
- Datasheets on page Gland couplings > Datasheets

Pressure sensors and transmitters
- Datasheets on individual product pages Pressure sensors and transmitters

Brochures and Catalogues

Our proactive remote monitoring system brochure can be downloaded here.

IoTKey® - for process insights (pdf)

MultiConnect® Conduit™ (pdf)

To view/download brochures and catalogues of the SKS Sensors® temperature sensors and their accessories please click the corresponding links below.

SKS Sensors® EN - Catalogue with datasheets (pdf) - in English, or read the browser version here »

SKS Sensors® EN - Production Program and Sensor Types (pdf) - in English

Thermocouple cables (pdf) - thermocouple cable types and color codes - in English

SKS Sensors® Special coatings (pdf) - for metal surface sensors and thermo wells - in English

SKS Sensors® and CE marking (pdf) - are there CE markings in temperature sensors? in English

SKS Sensors® for Petrochemical Industry and Oil Refineries (pdf) - in English

SKS Sensors® Ex sensor selection quide (pdf) - selecting Ex d, Ex e or Ex i - in English

SKS Sensors® Ex d type (pdf) - products and certificate copies - in English

SKS Sensors® Ex e type (pdf) - products and certificate copies - in English

Approvals and Certificates

DNV-GL ISO9001:2008 (pdf) - management system certificate - in English

VTT02ATEXQ001 (pdf) - ATEX quality assurance notification - in English

VTT12ATEX055X-Issue1 (pdf) - ATEX product certificate for Ex d sensors - in English

FI/VTT/QAR14.0001/02 » - IECEx quality assessment report - in English

SKS Sensors® Ex e type (pdf) - ATEX and IECEx product certificates for all Ex e sensors - in English

STATEMENT VTT-S-08226-13 (pdf) - notified body statement of Ex i applications - in English

EAC-Ex (pdf) - Ex certificate for Euro-Asian Customs Union, replaces old GOST-R certificates - in Russian - по-русски 

RU-T-Metrological (pdf) - Russian metrological certificate for TC sensors - in Russian - по-русски

RU-W-Metrological (pdf) - Russian metrological certificate for RTD sensors - in Russian - по-русски

KZ-T-Metrological (pdf) - Kazakhstan Pattern of Approval (PoA) Certificate for thermocouples - in Kazakh and Russian - на казахском и русском языках

KZ-W-Metrological (pdf) - Kazakhstan Pattern of Approval (PoA) Certificate for RTD - in Kazakh and Russian - на казахском и русском языках

EHEDG Type EL Class I ( ») - Hygienic design EHEDG certificate of the W-E-x-HST-CLAMP/51-30/1000-4-A-yy-HD sensors - in English

Declaration of Conformity RoHS II - SKS Sensors -  RoHS II - Declaration of Conformity

Other documents

General warranty terms and conditions (pdf) - general terms and conditions of the five year product warranty - in English

Covering note form (doc) - fulfill and send with products to electrical maintenance unit - in English

Non-use of conflict minerals (pdf) - SKS Automaatio declaration of non-use of conflict minerals - in English

Please click to read the browser version of our SKS Sensors® product catalogue below.



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