Manufactured with over 20 years of experience

SKS Sensors®

SKS Automaatio Oy offers state-of-the-art technology for the temperature measuring sensor manufacturing. In addition to the wide standard products range we also provide individual, customer specific total solutions. The principles of our services are fast and high quality deliveries as well as cost-effectiveness and low risk for the customer.

The SKS Sensors® temperature sensors are manufactured with uncompromising expertise for the use of the process and machine building industries. SKS Automaatio is a temperature sensor manufacturing pioneer with its 20 years’ experience. We introduced the first laser welding systems for sensor manufacturing in Finland and launched the first ATEX-approved temperature sensors already in 2002.

Our long-term experience of the branch ensures the even quality and good service for our customers. The own manufacturing guarantees the short delivery times also for the application-specific special sensors, e.g. for our range of the ATEX and IECEx certified sensors for potentially explosive areas. All demanding precision welding is performed with the laser welding equipment in the SKS Connecto production facilities in Hyvinkää, Finland. We challenge anyone, anywhere to flexibility, reliability and quality.

Quality assured

Our manufacturing operations are ISO 9001:2008 certified and additionally our sensor production is ATEX quality assured and IECEx quality assessed. Please download the certificate copies here:

DNV-GL ISO 9001:2008

Video of the sensor manufacturing

This video shows the basic production phases of our sensor manufacturing.

SKS Automaatio

SKS Automaatio Oy is a part of the SKS Group, a Finnish family company established in 1924. SKS Group Oy has over 685 employees and the turnover of 2014 was 105,3 M€. All the key operations and six daughter companies are located in Finland.

The foreign entities operate in Sweden, Russia and Estonia.

SKS Automaatio Oy works with product branches: automation and safety components, cables and cable accessories, electrification and control devices, instruments and temperature measuring devices, alarm devices, boxes and connectors.

SKS Sensors® is a registered trade mark of SKS Automaatio

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