SKS Automaatio's factory calibration services related to SKS Sensors® temperature sensor manufacturing

  • Factory calibration tasks are executed with two calibrating ovens, which can perform on temperature range -25...+660 °C.
  • Factory calibration is recommended to be done in two measuring points minimum.
  • More calibration points can be used depending on the calibrating temperature range.
  • Factory calibration can be executed for both RTD and TC sensors.
  • The minimum length of the sensor to be calibrated is 255 mm. This limitation doesn't apply on cable sensors.
  • Factory calibration can be executed for sensors with outer diameter of 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm.
  • The calibration devices are able to work with sensor itself or with sensor and transmitter connected together.
  • For factory calibration the customer gets a calibration certificate including customer data, product data and calibration results as measuring data table and graph.
  • If the factory calibration is not an adequate proof of measuring value deviation, we can - on customers behalf - have the sensors (and transmitters) send to an accredited laboratory for a third party laboratory calibration.

FAQ: What is calibration?  Why to calibrate?

Electrical maintenance

Electrical maintenance

On behalf of customers SKS Automaatio performs configuring and maintenance of the devices it is selling. The most common tasks of electrical maintenance unit include:

  • temperature sensor and transmitter calibrating
  • transmitter and signal conditioner configuring
  • customer specific adapting of radio remote control devices
  • modifications and repairs of joystick controllers.

Electrical maintenance is your solution, if you need expert support applying the products. Support can be practical installation or programming job or technical advisory service.

When sending devices to maintenance or repair:

  • request a covering note number for your shipment from our sales office or maintenance unit
  • fulfill the covering note form as precisely as possible, download empty form here: SKS covering note (doc)
  • attach a copy of the fulfilled covering note form to your delivery
  • mark clearly the covering note number on the package
  • correct sending address can be found on covering note form.

Contact data of electrical maintenance unit:

SKS Automaatio Oy
Huolto, SKS Covering note nr:__
Varastokatu 10
FI-05800 Hyvinkää, Finland
fax: +358 20 764 8399
email: service.automaatio(a)

Service Mechanic
Marko Pitkäaho
phone: +358 20 764 8335

Service Manager
Petri Haikarainen
phone: +358 20 764 8334

 Always use a covering note form and number, when sending devices to maintenance unit!

Design and engineering

We can assist you also with designing, engineering and documenting a temperature sensor. Whether it is just a detailed feature or a complete product, our experts with their knowledge and practical experience are there for you. Just give us some information of the desired measuring application. Contact details can be found here.


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